Kebab Cutter Wonderper Cordless Gyro Shaver

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Power: 80 W 
Voltage: ~12 V ( Lion Battery )
Blade Diameter: 100 MM 
Cutting Depth: 0-8 MM ( Can Be Adjusted ) 
Cutting Capacity: 60 KG 
N.W: 1.2 KG 
Suitable For: All Kebab Machine, Shawarma Machine, Gyros Machine 

Package Included 
1 x Cordless Kebab Slicer ( Round Blade )
1 x One Extra Serrated Blade
2 x Lion Battery
1 x Recharger
1 x Whetstone 
1 x Manual 

Portable And Convenient; Easy To Use And Clean
Sold And Shipped From Manufacturer Directly

Enjoy Your Kebab, Gyros, Shawarma with the more convenient and more efficient way 
The blade is super sharp, so it'll cut through the lamb, chicken, anything you like, with ease and finesse - and, as we also throw in a whet-stone, you can keep it that way for the blades lifetime. The device is kept safe with a practical blade Protector - and the handle has been ergonomically designed so that it fits into the hand perfectly. We've designed our slicer so it's easy to clean and maintain - the blade can be removed using a simple locking screw
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