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Muscle Gun | Deep Tissue Muscle Massager | Vibration Massage Device


[Upgraded 2020] Muscle Gun | Percussion Massage Gun | Massager Cotomax M1 Pro- Cordless - Black

【COTOMAX MUSCLE GUN 】: THE PERFECT SOLUTION – Cotomax premium self-recovery tool is definitely a must whether for top athletes or for the active man and woman on the go. It delivers rapid, concentrated high-powered pulses to the body's soft tissues promoting blood flow, muscle repair & shortened recovery time. It makes a great gift especially for athletes, frequent gym-goers, and even people who sit at desks all day.

【DEEP TISSUE MUSCLE GUN】SMART & INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY – Our professional-grade percussion massager has a built-in easy-to-read calorie counter, heart rate monitor, massage timer & body temperature measurement unlike no other. Experience its state-of-the-art display that athletes, chiropractors, fitness trainers, and medical professionals use to get real-time information about fundamental health measures!

【PORTABLE AND FELXIBILITY】: 8 ERGONOMIC MASSAGE HEADS – With 9 different speed levels and 8 interchangeable head replacements, our deep tissue muscle massager will provide the versatility to allow you to relax your body, massage different muscles and break down lactic acid. Individually target each muscle groups, while the adjustable speed levels allow you to experience a fully personalized massage session.

【8 REPLACEABLE MASSAGE HEADS & 9 ADJUSTABLE SPEED LEVEL】: This multipurpose massage gun was designed having in mind your own comfort and comes with an ultra-quiet powerful brushless motor. Delivering up to 55 pounds of force to your muscles on the highest speed at 12 mm in amplitude, the 3600 RPM technology is able to penetrate the deep muscle tissue, maximizing results and helping relieve pain while keeping noise at the minimum level!

【LCD TOUCH SCREEN】UNRIVALED 5200 mAh BATTERY – Equipped with a quick-rechargeable premium quality battery, our advanced massage gun technology currently has the longest autonomy on the market providing up to 8 hours of complete body relief per charge. Put an end to your upper and lower back tension, muscle stiffness, tightness, cramps, soreness, and inflammation thanks to its extremely durable and reliable design.



Muscle Gun Material: Aluminum + PP + ABS

Muscle Gun Net Weight: 2.4 LB / 1.1KG

Muscle Gun Size: 9.8*9.6*2.0 IN / 25.1*24.4*5.1 CM

Charging Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 20-30W

Charger Charging Voltage: 25.2V/1A(output); US Standard Plug

Charging Time: 3-4 Hours

Battery: 24V 5200mAh Capacity Rechargeable Cordless Battery

Display: LCD Touch Screen

1: Speed & Frequency Display - 9 Gears Adjustment
2: Setting Massage Time
3: Battery Power Display
4: Calorie Consumption-calculate calories burned based on massage time and frequency
5: Measuring body temperature
6: The main switch of power supply
7: Measuring heart rate for about 15 seconds
8: Speed & Time adjustment

Quietness Decibel: 40-50Db (New Noice Reduction Technology)

Working Time: 6-8 Hours; Beat Range: 12mm

9 Adjustable Speeds: 1680 to 3600 percussions per minute


Package Included:

1x massage gun

8x massage head

1x power charger

1x user manual

1x portable case

Cotomax Massage Gun M1 Pro can help the user relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood pressure, improve the overall health of the body's soft tissues, moreover, it can prevent fascitis which is a kind of painful and difficult.

The user can change the massage gun speed as needed. 1680 to 3600 percussions per minute.

How to Enjoy

Charge up your gun and prepare to unwind

Select and install your preferred massage head

Adjust frequency anywhere from gentle to intense

Apply targeted percussion to any muscle, any time!

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